Maastricht: GMAT Private Tutoring or Bootcamp

In Maastricht we offer our bootcamp three times a year. This is our most intensive course to date and the best possible way to prepare you for your GMAT Exam! We can also provide you with private tutoring. With private tutoring you schedule the dates, location and the subject(s) you wish to discuss with your instructor. You can contact us at any time for more information and to discuss your possibilities.

Any GMAT questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch here.
We’ll be happy to advise you with your personal GMAT studies!

Passing guarantee online course (NEW!)

You can choose to combine our face-to-face Quantitative GMAT course with our online Verbal GMAT course, or you can also do your GMAT course fully online.

We offer a GMAT passing guarantee to students applying to Maastricht University if you make use of our online GMAT course: you get your money back for the online course component if you don’t score at least 550 on your GMAT in two attempts.

To make use of our passing guarantee, please write “passing guarantee UM” in the comments section when you sign up for our course. We can offer you the passing guarantee when you make serious use of our online GMAT course, so the following conditions apply:

1.  You (1) take our face-to-face Quantitative course combined with our online Verbal course (€ 79), or (2) you take our complete online GMAT course (€ 179).

2.  You get your money back for the online course component if within 4 months:

3.  You have completed at least 90% of all sessions from the syllabus.

4.  In the Subjects Mastery tracking tool, you have achieved at least 60% in all GMAT subjects.

5.  In the % of correct answers tracking tool, you have achieved at least 60% in each section.

6.  You have completed all pre-class and post-class assignments and have achieved a score of at least 60%. You can redo the assignments as often as you want.

7.  You have done the four online GMAT tests in our course, and you have scored 550+ on one or more of those tests. You can redo the tests as often as you want.

8.  You have two attempts to score 550+ on your GMAT. If you don’t score 550+ on your first GMAT attempt you should take a second GMAT to score 550+.

If you have any questions about our passing guarantee, please do let us know.

Mindful GMAT Maastricht location

Our GMAT courses in Maastricht take place at Maastricht University (UM):

Maastricht University
School of Business & Economics
Tongersestraat 53
6211 LM Maastricht