4 facts you should know about taking the GMAT test

4 facts you should know about taking the GMAT test

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The GMAT test. You have trained for months and now it’s finally time to register yourself for taking the GMAT test. You only ask yourself the question how you exactly do it. At Mindful GMAT we like to provide you with more information about the GMAT test and our GMAT courses. This article includes 4 facts you should know about when you want to take the GMAT test.

1. Where can I sign up to take the GMAT test?
You can only register yourself for the GMAT test at mba.com, the official GMAT website. Mindful GMAT is not responsible for the GMAT test itself. First you have to create an account on mba.com, then it is possible to register for $250, about 230 euros. Create an account here to continue your subscription.

2. In which cities is it possible to take the GMAT test?
You can also find a test location and convenient date on mba.com. In the Netherlands there are only four test locations: 2 in Amsterdam and 2 in Utrecht. Both test locations are hosted by Compu’Train and Global Knowledge. Düsseldorf is the closest test location for people living in Maastricht.

3. When do I get my official GMAT score?
You receive your official GMAT score on the same day as the test day. After 20 days you will receive a unique email with your GMAT Score Report. For some universities your official GMAT score is enough to apply, but there are also universities who ask for your GMAT Score Report. Consider this when making your preparation for the GMAT.

4. When can I retake the GMAT test?

You did not pass the GMAT test with the required score. Obviously you want to retake the GMAT. That’s possible! Every 16 days it is possible to retake the GMAT test. However, it’s only possible to do the GMAT test 5 times over a 12 month period and no more than 8 times in total.

Do you want to know more about the GMAT test? Please call us at 085-7500475 or visit mba.com.

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