4 tips to get the most out of your GMAT preparation

4 tips to get the most out of your GMAT preparation

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The GMAT. Many students learn about the existence of it for the first time when they try to find the entry requirements for their pre-master. A difficult test, many students don’t like to make. But unfortunately, it is an important entry requirement for College- or MBA studies. That is when the search for information begins. What is the best preparation for the GMAT? At Mindful GMAT we give students tips and pointers to get the most out of their preparation for the GMAT. Read them well, and maybe you complete the GMAT test faster and easier than you think!

1. Think about your level math and English
The GMAT test has four different subjects: verbal, integrated reasoning, analytical writing and quantitative. The score on the first three subjects is determined on your level in English, and the score on the last subject is determined on your mathematics level.

It is difficult for providers of GMAT courses to determine what your level on English and mathematics is. You are the only who is able to determine your level on these subjects. So you have to think about your level and do not estimate this to high. This will prevent a provider of GMAT courses to advise you to do a difficult GMAT course, when your level is probably lower.

2. Start your preparation for the GMAT on time
It is recommended to start to prepare yourself for the GMAT on time. Many students must send their GMAT score to universities in May. We discourage students, given the difficult way of questioning in the GMAT, to begin with their preparation in January of February. Start to prepare yourself for the GMAT in the months September, October or November.

3. Prepare yourself before the start of GMAT course
This tip is consistent with the previous tip. A GMAT course is a good preparation for the GMAT, but your preparation does not begin at the start of the GMAT course. Prepare yourself before the start of the course. Take practice questions and determine on what topics you need more help or information. If you start well prepared before you start your GMAT course, the chance of success is bigger. At Mindful GMAT students have to prepare themselves for each lesson. They receive handouts and summaries for each lesson, so that they learn everything about the GMAT by practicing.

4. Plan the GMAT test not too close to the end of your GMAT course
Your GMAT course ends on the 4th of November? Don’t schedule your GMAT test on the 5th of November. At Mindful GMAT we recommend to leave a space of at least three weeks between the end date of the GMAT course and the GMAT test date. Practicing with the things you have learned is essential to achieve success with your GMAT. If you scheduled your GMAT test too close to the end of your course, then there is little time to practice the learned material. Check MBA.com for pratical information about the exam itself and to schedule the actual test.

Do you want a free preparation plan for your GMAT test? Please call us at the telephone number 085 7500 475 and we will give you a free advice.

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