Face-to-face Bootcamp:

The Bootcamp is our most intensive course. In this course we combine the basic, quantitative, and advanced cursus in one. You also get access to our online course for 6 months. You will work together with a small group and one of our most experienced instructors for three consecutive days. During the course we will discuss all topics of the Quantitative GMAT part, and there is room to focus more on your weaknesses. After this course you will know enough tips and tricks to continue your studying process!

NEW: Pay 50% now and pay the rest until 1 week before the start of your bootcamp!

Face-to-face course: books & hand-outs

In our face-to-face Quantitative course, we use the Quantitative Manhattan GMAT Guides. We have been working with lots of different GMAT books over the previous years and we believe that these books are the most clear and structured GMAT books available. They also give access to six online GMAT practice tests. In addition to the Manhattan Guides, we also use the Official Guide for GMAT Review to practice many past GMAT questions. You also receive our session hand-outs with the most important strategic GMAT questions of your GMAT course.

The book package is only use scarcely in some courses. It has been proven beyond all doubt that participants need the books for their practice tests at home and self study though.