Frequently Asked Questions

About our course & the GMAT

Basis course = 2 sessions of 2 hours

This course is important for students who haven't done anything on mathematics for a long time, or students who are doubting if their knowledge is still on a good level.

The course contains a repetition of the basics of mathematics that you need to achieve a good score on the GMAT .

In the first session we will discuss the theory of fractions, properties of numbers between -1 and 1, and even & odd numbers. In session 2 we will discuss the theory of exponents, negative and positive numbers and solving equations. We also make a beginning with linear equations and quadratic equations.

At this moment the basic courses are being held in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Enschede, Groningen, Nijmegen en Utrecht.

All courses are being held in English, because the GMAT itself is also in English. It is important that you understand all English concepts.

Our GMAT instructors are students Econometrics, Mathematics or students who are doing a technical study. They have all scored at least 95% on the Quantitative section of the GMAT, GRE or a simular computer test.

No, this isn't neccessary for the basic course. You can follow both sessions in a random order.

We advise you to start with quantitative at least two weeks after finishing the basic course. This is neccessary to give you enough time to understand the subjects from the basic course and to prepare yourself for the quantitative course.

The basis course focuses on students who haven't done anything on mathematics for a long time and / or students who are insecure about the current mathematics level. This course is a good preperation for the quantitative course, where you learn strategic shortcuts.

No, you don't need books for the basis course. All subjects are described in hand-outs which you receive in the lessons.

Quantitative course = 4 sessions of 2,5 hours

The course contains all quantitative topics and focuses on strategic shortcuts.

The quantitative course is all about important GMAT traps and shortcuts to avoid these traps. But we want to emphasize that a high GMAT score is not achieved just by knowing some 'tricks'. Your theoretical knowledge of the GMAT topics is the foundation of your preparation.

Yes, it is very important that you prepare yourself for every session. It allows us to make the session more difficult on all the topics. It allows you to ask questions on topics that were difficult during your preperation. You have to prepare yourself at least two days or more for every session.

Yes, it is no problem if you follow session 1 first and session 2 or 3 after this session. Every session has a different subject.

Yes, we use the Quantitative Manhattan GMAT Guides during the quantitative course. In the past years we worked with a lot of different books and discovered that these books are the best to use for this course. They also give you access to six online GMAT practice tests. Besides the Manhatten GMAT Guides we use the Official Guide for GMAT Review to practice old GMAT questions. During each session, you also receive GMAT hand-outs with the most important strategic shortcuts.

FAQs about our online GMAT course

Our online GMAT course is for anyone who wants to prepare thoroughly for all subjects of the GMAT (Verbal, Quant, AWA & IR). Our students vary from (pre-) master students to young professionals who want to do an MBA.

The course is in English, because the GMAT itself is also in English. It is important that you have mastered all English concepts.

The course consists of video lessons for all subjects of the GMAT, more than 2000 practice questions, tips & tricks and GMAT practice tests.

You don't need any expensive GMAT books for the online course. Instead of the online course, you do need to use books for the face-to-face Quantitative course. The most effective learning method consists of a combination of courses (online or in person), practicing old GMAT questions and read over the theory / strategy that you have learned in class. You can do all these things with the online course.

The course contains of 500 videos with information on all subjects of the GMAT.

There are more than 5500 GMAT questions with solutions in the course.

When you did your first login to the online course, you will have 6 months access to use the online course. Under ''My Account'' you can see how many remaining days you have.

FAQs about the GMAT itself

The GMAT is a university entrance test for Master's and MBA programs. The GMAT is a computer test of 3.5 hours and consists of four parts. Your scores on the Quantitative and Verbal section determine your final GMAT score of 200-800 . See this page of our sister organization Mindful GMAT for a detailed description of the four sections of the GMAT.

In the Netherlands, you can do the GMAT in Amsterdam or Utrecht. Düsseldorf is the nearest city to do the GMAT when you live close to Maastricht. You can register yourself for the GMAT on mba.com. We recommend you to book your GMAT 4 weeks before you want to do it, because in busy periodes the available places can fill up quickly.

Your GMAT score is valid for 5 years. However, some universities require that you have completed your GMAT 2 years or less before the registration. Check this well at the university where you want to register yourself.

You will receive your unofficial GMAT score right on the test day. Withing 20 days your GMAT score becomes official. At most universities, you can already sign up with your unofficial score. Important if you sign up at the University of Maastricht: Maastricht University (UM) only takes official GMAT scores into consideration. Make sure you make your GMAT at least two weeks before your registration deadline.

Yes. You can make the GMAT several times, but there have to be at least 16 calendar days between the attempts. Universities only take the highest score into consideration: they understand that the GMAT is very hard and you might need to do it twice in order to reach your target score.

FAQs about the registration

We use Facebook to verify persons. This is the only reason why we use Facebook. We don't collect your data, therefore your password will still be unfamiliar to us. We will never use data from Facebook for other reasons nor will we ever provide this data to third parties.

Yes, this is possible. As long as you tell this to us at least 24 hourse before the start of this session.

Most of the Dutch prepare thereselves 4 to 8 weeks. Your personal preparation time depends on your math background, the GMAT score you want to achieve and how quickly you understand the subject material.

You can still pay by transferring the money to our bank account. Our bank account number is: NL65INGB0006584956 Attn. Mindful GMAT

When you have registered yourself and paid, you receive an email with information on what you need to prepare for the quantitative course. You don't need to prepare yourself for the basic course.

The courses are being held in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Utrecht, Groningen and Enschede.

During the registration you receive a link with information about all the locations and which classroom you need to be.

No, we only provide GMAT courses. To register yourself for a GMAT test check mba.com.

Yes, this is possible. Let this know by emailing us with the dates you wish to follow the course.

Yes, this is possible. As long as we know of your absence. Send us an email about which day has your preference, then we will check if this is possible.

We offer the opportunity to help with volunteering projects with a high impact on society. You get a discount on your GMAT course when you use your talents for two days at social volunteering project organized by Nederland Cares. When you register yourself and use this discount, you will receive an email with data to register yourself for these projects.

FAQs about cancellation

Mindful GMAT is flexible when it comes to cancellation. We understand that studyplans can change last-minute and that other reasons could lead to cancellation.

At least 4 weeks before the course starts, the student may cancel the course at any time. The student will get the full course fee back excluding € 22.50 administration fee. We will only give you the administrative costs back if the student wants to cancel the course when Mindful GMAT cancelled that course and it is impossible for the student to follow the course on different days.

The student will get 50% of the course fee back excluding administrative costs. We won't give you the administrative costs back if the student wants to cancel the course when Mindful GMAT cancelled that course and it is impossible for the student to follow the course on different days.

When the course has started, it is impossible to cancel the course.

No, it is impossible to cancel the online course.

Our courses always start when there are at least four students. Force Majeure (Situations beyond your control) could result in a cancellation of the course by giving the full course fee back. This situation is extremely rare for Mindful GMAT because we work with flexible instructors.

Other FAQs

Yes, we have been certified as an educational institute in the CRKBO. An ISO auditor has audited our organization. They checked the content of the course, the qualifications of our course developers and the internal processes, like our evaluation process and the way we develop new material. After both personal and written audit rounds, we received the CRKBO quality mark and got exempt from VAT. You can check this at the CRKBO register (search for Mindful GMAT / GMAT Holland)

Yes. Send us an email and we will contact you with an instructor living in the same city.

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