“YES Gabriëlla and I succesfully completed our GMAT today, I am so happy :-) we scored 640. Thank you very much for the help and lessons!”

\\ Anne Kemps & Gabriëlla van der Veen | BSc Liberal Arts & Sc., Utrecht University | GMAT score: 640 | Admitted to: Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
Thank you very much for the help. Thanks to the courses of Inez I was able to achieve a score of 660!

\\ Jurriaan van den Hoven | MSc Financial Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam | GMAT score: 660 | Admitted to: EM Lyon Business School
I wanted to let you know that I have successfully completed the GMAT last week – 720 scored ! I am very content with it. Greetings and thanks again for the training!

\\ Perry van Overveld |  Manager M&A & Corporate Strategy, Deloitte Consulting | GMAT score: 720 | Admitted to: London Business School (LBS)
“The GMAT course was important for me for two reasons. It gave a clear overview of the curriculum, but more importantly a good training of the necessary techniques to complete the GMAT successful. This has led me to the necessary score. The knowledge and clear explanation of the teacher was also an important factor.”

\\ Robbert-Jan Wijman | BSc Business Studies, University of Amsterdam | GMAT score: 600 | Admitted to: Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
“It worked!! I’m very happy, my goal was to get a good score including quantitative, despite assurances that a good percentile for verbal would be enough. And I have succeed. Thank you for your efforts. I enjoyed the lessons of your company, Inez and do not forget the location!!! My compliments.”

\\ Herma Slot | Advisor, ASR Verzekeringen | Admitted to: Internal Auditing and Advisory, Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance
“This course provides a good discipline in the preparations. Martijn gives a clear explanation, the homework you forces you to do it on a regular basis.”

\\ Suze van der Horst | Student BSc Business Studies, University of Amsterdam | Admitted to: HEC, Paris
“Yesterday I had my GMAT and have reached a scroe of 710. I want to thank you for your help to achieve this great result!”

\\ Research Associate, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants | GMAT score: 710 | Admitted to: PhD programme, Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
“The GMAT preperation courses offered by GMAT Holland were a true enrichment of my preparation process. The personal approach and extensive training courses covered all Quant areas and provided important test strategies. Together with the great Manhattan GMAT guides, which were used during the courses, this provided me the best preparation to succesfully tackle the GMAT test and get into a top business school. I sincerely recommend GMAT Holland.”

\\ Robert v/d L. | Entrepreneur | GMAT score: 700 | Admitted to: INSEAD
Martijn’s course is a good summary of the knowledge and skills you need for the quantitative section of the GMAT. I followed Martijn’s course at a time when I had already prepared a lot for the GMAT, but still it was good to understand the material better. The training material provided by Martijn was also very convenient. It was useful to work together with other students and to learn other solution methods. I have a very good score so I can recommend you the course!

\\ Fellow, McKinsey & Company | GMAT score: 780 | Admitted to: not yet applied
GMAT went well : after a lot of practice (and of course with your help ), I saw through the math finally ;-) I scored a 700 in math on 46 (73% percentile).

\\ Fellow, McKinsey & Company | GMAT score: 700 | Admitted to: INSEAD
Thank you very much for the lessons and support!:)

\\ Tirtsa van Ments | Student BSc Business Administration, Free University Amsterdam | GMAT score: 640 | Admitted to: not yet applied
“I took the GMAT with a score of 730. Thanks again for the good course!”

\\ Jeroen | Lawyer M&A | GMAT score: 730 | Admitted to: not yet applied
“Martijn’s GMAT/GRE course was well presented. I found his teachings apprehensible. Working in a small but interactive group one can also learn from each other and Martijn gives sufficient time even for the slowest learner to gain momentum. His study materials and practice tests are at par with the best available in the market. I would rate his teachings 100/100 and highly recommend the course to other GMAT/GRE aspirants.”

\\ Sunil Srinivasan | Engineer, TNO | GRE Quant score: 740 | Admitted to: TiasNimbas Business School
“The GMAT course helped me to take control in the test. When I first started practicing the GMAT, I had the feeling difficult questions were mostly making me nervous and were making me spend most of the time figuring them out. Now, when I take the test, I can break the questions into smaller pieces and see a challenge instead of a problem”

\\ Jasper Buijnsters | Student MSc Latin American Studies, Leiden University | Admitted to: Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)
“Thanks again for all your support and encouragement on top of the great course. Wouldn’t have made my score without it!”

\\ Janice Lalu | Student BSc Economics & Business, Utrecht University | Admitted to: Stockholm School of Economics
“It was very good to refresh and repeat everything!”

\\ Bart-Jan Dohmen | Junior Trader, Interfood | Admitted to: not yet applied
“Taking lessons from Martijn was not only a effective way to do extra effort, but also a good way for me to succeed more than I would have by studying for myself. Martijn helped me with my problems, gave tips on how to make the test better and provided curriculum that is not in the Kaplan book. I therefore believe that Martijn’s lessons have helped me to make a better result on the GRE.”

\\ Eric | Student BSc Economics, University of Amsterdam | Admitted to: not yet applied