Basic Course

Our basic face-to-face GMAT course deals with the basic mathematic rules to prepare you for our Quantitative GMAT Course. In two evenings of 2 hours and in small and interactive groups you will refresh your mathematic skills such that you can focus on the tips and tricks in the next course. This course is focussing on fractions, exponents, roots, and solving linear and quadratic equations. Take our FREE pre-test here to see if you need to follow the basic course first.

Quantitative GMAT course

Our Quantitative GMAT course is the regular course and deals with all topics of the Quantitative Section of the GMAT. In small and interactive groups you will learn the mathematical theory and strategy. We specifically focus on short-cuts, “smart tricks” and efficient solving methods for quantitative GMAT questions. The course consists of 4 weekly sessions of 3 hours.

Advanced GMAT Course

The Advanced Course is there for course participants who want that little extra for their GMAT preparation (a score of 600+). In this course, the harder quantitative GMAT subjects will be discussed and you will learn more tips & tricks to get the maximum out of your GMAT score. The course consists of two evenings of 2.5 hours and offers just that little extra push in the back for an excellent self study. This course is for students that followed a Quantitative course with us, or can prove that they have studied all mathematical topics of the GMAT before.

GMAT Bootcamp

The Bootcamp course is our most intensive course. The Basic and Quantitative course combined in this crash course. During this course you will sit with one of our most experienced instructors for three days in a small group. All subjects will be discussed and there will be plenty of room to target problem area’s extra, so you will get the best possible preparation within the shortest amount of time.