Face-to-face Basic Course

GMAT training: 2 sessions of 2.0 hours

Our face-to-face Basic GMAT course consists of two evening sessions. The course is a recapitulation of the basics of mathematics, which you need to achieve a good score on your GMAT test. Has it been a while since you had to use your mathematical skills? Are you insecure about your current knowledge? Our Basic course will help you out by recapitulating the theory and putting it into practice right away. Different topics will be discussed during these two sessions. This means that you can jump in when it suits you. We strongly advise our participants to make sure you have solid basic mathematics skills before following the Quantitative course. To check how your level is, make our pre-test here.

Mix of GMAT theory, strategy & practice

Our GMAT course is built on our experience with teaching over 1500 students and professionals since 2009. The course consists of a balanced mix of theory, strategy, shortcuts and practicing GMAT questions. We particularly focus on nasty pitfalls and common mistakes. For each GMAT topic, we combine the theory with solving and discussing representative GMAT questions within 2 minutes.

Content of the sessions


✓ Solving linear equations
✓ Rules and properties of odds & evens
✓ Properties of numbers between -1 and 1
✓ Rules and properties of positives & negatives


✓ Fractions
✓ Rules and properties of exponents and roots
✓ Solving quadratic equations

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