Face-to-face course: no books needed

Our face-to-face Quantitative course is based on the Quantitative Manhattan GMAT Guides. During the face-to-face meetings we make use of our online platform. All theory and practice questions are integrated. It is therefore not necessary to purchase GMAT books. But if you prefer to use books during your study process, we recommend the following.

We have been working with lots of different GMAT books over the previous years and we believe that the Manhattan GMAT Guides are the most clear and structured GMAT books available. They give access to six online GMAT practice tests as well. In addition to the Manhattan Guides, you can use the Official Guide for GMAT Review to practice old GMAT questions. As the content of the GMAT did not change in the last years, it does not matter what version of the books you use.

Online GMAT course

We think a decent GMAT preparation consists of a combination of studying the GMAT theory and taking GMAT lessons (online and/or face-to-face), and practicing lots of past GMAT questions/tests.

When following our online course, you can conveniently view our theory and strategy in the knowledge base. You don’t need expensive GMAT books for the online platform: for each video lesson, you can access the relevant theory/strategy in pdf. There is a test after each lesson available to check your knowledge on that subject.

To follow our face-to-face courses, you need to have access to the online platform as well. Therefore, we give our students a €100 discount. To see more about the prices go to this link.