GMAT Bootcamp

What is the bootcamp?

The Bootcamp course is our most intensive course. The Basic, Quantitative and the Online course are included in this package. During this course you will sit in a small group (max 8 students) with one of our most experienced instructors for three days. All quantitative subjects will be discussed and there will be plenty of time to target problem area’s extra, so you will get the best possible preparation within the shortest amount of time.

We recommend this course for students that do not have enough time to follow a basic and/or quantitative course, or are very fast learners. If you have 4 to 6 weeks of time, we recommend to take the general basic and quantitative courses.

When can I follow the bootcamp?

Every month, we have a bootcamp in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and/or Maastricht. Check this link for the planned dates. Is there no bootcamp planned yet? Get in contact with us and we’ll check this for you.

The bootcamp will start with a minimum of 3 students. The group has a maximum of 8. Are you together with 3 friends or colleagues? Send us a message and we’ll check if there is an instructor available on the days that you want to do the course.

Content of the sessions

The first day we will refresh all basic mathematic rules. How did you solve linear and quadratic equations again? We will go through this as fast as possible, depending on the level of all students.

Next, we will practice all algebra questions in combinations with specific GMAT questioning. We will discuss number properties as well (think of odds & evens or positives & negatives). Everything you learn today is a base for the rest of the bootcamp.

On day 2 we are discussing the word problems. How can you find out what the GMAT really wants from you?
Behind those long texts and questions, there is always some logic. We will help you to figure out what they want and make the question easier.

Next to that, we will interpret formulas, and practice questions with sets and statistics during the bootcamp.

The last day of this bootcamp, we focus on combinatorics & probabilities and geometry. In how many ways can we arrange a group of people over an x number of chairs, tables, or busses? What is the probability to throw 3 when throwing 4 dices?

Geometrics is all about calculating areas, circumferences, lengths of sides, and so on. We will show the most important formulas and help you to answer those type of questions in the most efficient way.