Private tutoring

Followed the Quant course, but still in need of some help?

We provide private tutoring where the content is based on your needs. We focus on the topics that you find more difficult and plan the sessions based on your (and the instructors) availability in Rotterdam, Maastricht or Amsterdam.

Our instructors are specialised in all Quantitative topics.

We recommend to plan sessions in blocks of 2 to 3 hours.

Rotterdam or Maastricht: €65,- per hour
Amsterdam: €50,- per hour

Aren’t you a Mindful GMAT student yet?

If you purchase at least 5 hours of private tutoring, you will get €79,- discount on the online course. For just €100,- you have access to the online video lessons and practice tests for 6 months.

De kosten zijn €50,- per uur en we raden aan om sessies van 2 tot 3 uur per keer in te plannen.


Contact us via the contact form to request private tutoring.