Rotterdam GMAT courses

We have weekly GMAT classes running in Rotterdam and other cities in the Netherlands. Check here for the dates of our Mindful GMAT courses. Our basic, quantitative and advanced GMAT courses run throughout the entire academic year in Rotterdam, even during the holidays.

Almost every month, we have a bootcamp in Rotterdam. This is our most intensive course which consists of both our basic and quantitative course. One of our face-to-face courses in combination with our online platform is the best possible way to prepare you for your GMAT Exam!

We can also provide you with private tutoring. With private tutoring you can schedule the dates, location and the subject(s) you wish to discuss with your instructor. You can contact us at any time for more information and to discuss your possibilities.

We advise prospective (pre-)Master and MBA students at the RSM on their GMAT preparation, both in-person and during online GMAT information sessions.

Location Rotterdam

Our courses in Rotterdam take place at the location of ‘Het Coachhuis’. If you ring the bell for Wijnhaven 42, the instructor will open the door for you. For the rooms at Wijnhaven 36, walk into the New Fork and they will tell you where to go. It is close to metro/train station Blaak, and there are paid parking spots/ parking garages near.


Het coachhuis
Wijnhaven 36 & 42