Private class


Even now, while everyone is at home, we provide one on one tutoring. Our instructor will just set up a video call with you.
We provide private tutoring where the content is based on your needs. We focus on the topics that you find more difficult.

The sessions will be planned based on your (and the instructors) availability. Please indicate your availability for the next weeks in the notes during checkout.

Our recommendation is to book sessions of 2 to 3 hours.The costs are €50,- per hour.

Aren’t you a Mindful GMAT student yet?

If you purchase at least 5 hours of private tutoring, you will get €79,- discount on the online course. For just €100,- you have access to the online video lessons and practice tests for 6 months.

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How does it work?

Our instructor will share his/her screen and open a digital whiteboard, or a camera will be focussed on a physical whiteboard. The explanations will be just as in the normal class, but now on your screen.
You can still ask questions, but please make sure you are not on mute 😉